1. What types of books do you buy?
We buy books of all types. We are a general used book store with books in all categories and are always interested in looking at good books.  Of special interest to us are unique books on local history, Californiana, military history, railroading and Theology.   We do not typically buy ex-library books.   Most books are purchased for store credit.

2. What makes a book collectible?
A book is collectible because of its age, its condition, the subject matter, or the desirability of the author. One factor alone may not make the book collectible (as in age) but all of these things are areas we consider when evaluating a book.
3. Are family bibles collectible?
Unfortunately most family Bibles are not collectible.  Most families have had Bibles kept in the family, so the most collectible Bibles need to be pre Civil War, have ornate details and/or color plates, chromolithographs or be hand gilded.
4. Do you take donations?
We don't take donations.  We are happy to purchase any books that we feel have a resale value.  Tax receipts are available for donations made to non-profit organizations.  We are not a non-profit organization.
5. Why do books need a dust jacket?
In most cases readers and collectors prefer books in as close to the original condition as possible; the more common or available the book, the more selective the customer.  In rare cases, if the book is scarce and hard to get, the condition requirements can be more flexible.
6. Can I leave my books for you to go through and come back another time?
We don't require appointments so we are unable to keep books for longer than it takes us to go through them so we have the available resources to continue to buy books. We always have a buyer on duty (up to one hour before closing) in order to process a seller’s books in a timely manner. New sellers will need to stay in the store while we process their books, but regulars can browse or leave to run a quick errand while we go through the books. The buyers will always be able to give an approximate time frame for the customer's convenience. We require that you return the same business day to complete your transaction. Failure to return the same day will result in forfeit of your books and any payment (credit or cash) you were expecting to receive.