Chapter 4 Searching for that Special Book

You've been through our stock, and you can't find that special book you're looking for, but it's out of print, or maybe you just prefer a used copy. Are you just out of luck with getting the book you want? Not at all! At Yesterday's Books, we offer two different options for you to find an out of print, or simply a used copy of a book we don't have in the store.


First, and most commonly used, is our "Want Card" option. Anytime you're looking for something specific that you can't find, let us know you want us to fill out a want card for you, and we will call you when we get a used copy in the store. We can't predict how long it will take, but we keep the cards on file for six months while we watch our incoming merchandise for your "want". Many times we see the book the same day we fill out the card! If we don't find the book for you in six months, feel free to ask us to fill out a new card for you until we do.

If you have a time restriction, and just can't wait for when the book might find its way into our store, we're happy to help you track it down with an Out of House Search. Just let us know what you're looking for.