Chapter 2 Selling and Trading Books- The Greenest Way to Read


Yesterday’s Books always has a buyer in the store daily, until one hour before close.  We buy books, audios, DVDs, music CDs, and sheet music. There are carts to help you bring books from your car into the store. A staff member can assist you if requested. Any more than a dozen items will need to be kept in a container of some sort (bag or box) which will always be returned to you at the end of the transaction.

The buyer will give you an estimate of the time it will take to process your books so that you can either stay and browse or leave to do an errand. You will need to come back the same day for payment and any books we return to you. Often one bag will only take five to ten minutes to process, but twenty boxes may take most of the day depending on the quality of the collection.

An offer is made only on the books the store needs for its inventory. Experience and references, including the Internet and auction records, are used to determine what is bought and how much is offered for books.

Trade credit is always offered for books we can use. The credit does not expire, and is put on an account in our database, with no cards or little slips of paper for you to keep track of. Credit can be shared by adding authorized users to your account when you are in the store.

We pay cash for exceptional books that are in great condition and are hard to get, usually at a rate of about 20% of their used value. There are some authors, titles, and subjects that consistently have higher values. If a book warrants higher values we will pay about 1/3 of the final selling price for the book. We pay a higher percentage price for very few scarce books.

Credit offered is twice the amount we offer in cash for any hardbacks, as well as paperback non-fiction, classics, children's books, teen fiction, audiobooks, and sheet music.

Cash is not paid for CDs, DVDs, or most fiction paperbacks, but we do offer a generous trade credit amount for those books including romance, adventure, suspense, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, western, and Christian fiction.

All of our credit can be used for any books or used merchandise in the store.